ervivardar A Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of tools for writing software. These kits generally include some kind of compiler, editor, and debugging system. Some SDK's are very simple (compiler and include files only) while others can be very complex (editor, compiler, debugger, one-click-install).

The official SDK by GPH is basically a setup for programming C/C++ programs that will compile and run on the default GP2X Firmware, which is based on Linux and uses SDL for it grahics system. SDL on Linux is included in all shipments of the GP2X, and is confirmed to be included in all pre-orders from GBAX]. Because of this, any games written using the Offical SDK should run on all GP2X systems with default Firmware without any changes to the system or extra libraries.

Some community members write software for the GP2X on alternative SDKs. A seprate page on Alternative SDKs has more information on them.

GP2X SDK Contents

The offical SDK can be downloaded from this page (link broken) at the offical website. The SDK contains:

* MinGW
* Dev-C++
* Several libraries
* more...
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