Precompiled Libraries


paeryn's SDL

Includes binaries for: libSDL, libSDL_image, libSDL_mixer and libSDL_ttf.

Snaff's tarball of SDL and some other random libraries

Includes binaries and headers for: libjpeg, libmad, libmikmod, libogg, libpng, libSDL, libSDL_image, libSDL_mixer, libSDL_net, linsmpeg, libvorbis, libvorbisenc, libvorbisfile, libz and libzip.

theoddbot's collections of pre-compiled libraries

Include binaries and headers for: libcairo, libexpat, libfreetype, libfontconfig, libid3tag, libjpeg, libmad, libmikmod, libpoppler, libpng, libSDL, libSDL_image, libSDL_gfx, libSDL_mixer, libSDL_ttf, libSDL_svg, libsvg, libsvg-cairo, libvorbisidec, libxml2 and libz.

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