Java Runtime and Devkit



Java Runtime and Devkit 1.0 Beta 2 have just been released

Here follows a list of changes and bug fixes.

Bug: - Fix for the audio delay in the game "Paperotte" - Fixed many bugs in the sdljava layer, especially in palettized images

News: - Added support for Zaxxon's bitmapped font, now the launcher uses a combination of ttf and bitmapped fonts - Added support for SFont compatible fonts - Launcher can now over/underclock applications before launching them - The launcher now adds a background service (disableable) for all applications: the Battery Monitor, a thread that monitors batteries state and turns on the battery led when they are low. The led blinks when batteries level is critical. - Added the following gp2x fnctionalities:

  * Battery led control (on/off)
  * Backlight control (on/off)
  * overclock/underclock
  * Battery state retrieval

- Added another test program that allows you to experiment with new functions

Improvements: - Modified Ryo's version of the SFont library, added font scaling and antialiasing - Modified surface initialization to hardware surfaces - Applied VM optimizations (-O2) and enabled advanced threading tecniques

ToDo/Roadmap for Beta 3: - Make SFont's fonts changeable (actually only white) - enable double buffering hardware - j2me support

Performances are much better. "Paperotte" is now fullspeed and audio is in sync. The Jam-Test application starts clocked at 50Mhz by default and performs at 12FPS, it reaches 85Fps at 200Mhz.

Thanks to: - Zaxxon for his bitmapped fonts - Ryo for GMenu2X, it's a masterpiece and a vault of informations - SFont's original author, Karl Bartel

Downloads from the Italian Forum: RUNTIME: DEVKIT:

Cheers, Fungostar

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