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Thanks for helping out with the wiki. However, we already have a similar system set up similar to what you created, and we would prefer if everyone used the same system :) You can see a list of templates - simply include a template on a page using the {{templatename|Reason}} syntax. For example, you might use {{Old Page|This page hasn't been updated in ''ages''}}, which would look like this:

GP2X Wikipedia.jpg
This page is very (possibly extremely) old. If new information is available on this subject, then please add it to the wiki. However, this article may discuss a utility, game, emulator, development topic, or other subject that is no longer available, in development, applicable or useful to the wiki. If the subject of this article is still available or applicable, then please remove this notice. On the other hand, this page may be submitted for Proposed Deletion if this notice is not taken down by another user.
Additional notes may be shown below. Please discuss this message on the article's Talk Page.

This page hasn't been updated in ages'

The advantage of using this system is that it looks a lot nicer, and the articles are automatically added to the relevant category such as Category:Stubs for short pages.

A couple of other, related, points:

  • While we do appreciate all contributions to the wiki, a big change like a new system that you want to implement should be discussed first. If everyone created their own system, then we'd be in a right mess. Talk:Wiki organization is a good place for this kinda stuff. Remember, check if there isn't already a system in place, then ask before creating your own system.
  • Please try to make the quality of your contributions as close to 100% perfect as possible. While we realise that English is not everyone's first language, it really does help the look of the wiki if page names and text are used with correct grammar, etc. For example, List of article that need updating should really have an 's' on the end of article, as it is a plural.

I have to say, I will delete the pages that you have created. Please don't be disheartened by this, as I know you want to help, and we appreciate everything that you can do. You can find a list of useful jobs at this page. Once again, many thanks, and I hope to see many useful edits from you in the future :) --Justthisguy 13:47, 24 June 2007 (PDT)

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