Looks like this page was badly translated over from French or something. I've reworked a lot of the text but some awkward sentences and untranslated words remain.

Excerpts to be fixed

  • Sega Master System is one of the first consoles of the Sega giant released in 1987 who had right has one second version in 1990 but that does not have permi to him to beat Nintendo's NES.
  • GameGear is the portable console from Sega released in 1990 to counter Nintendo's Gameboy, but unfortunately even if this console brought the logitheque one of Master System out of transportable its problems of these play and lifespan of the battery (only 4H of play uninterrupted) not originaux (tous come from the version master system) make that it does not have succeeds implemented on the market of the game console portable.
  • It does not remain you any more which has executer the file script "smsplus2x.gpe".

I'll have another crack at this later... Just got to try and understand exactly what's being said first. ;)

- Sevish

You know, if you look in history, I stated that I translated it poorly. ;) Anyway, I'll try to fix the second one you stated, and the third, you're stuck with the first.

- Yono

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