Version Numbers

useing dates for the version seems pretty useless, i think we should use the proper version from the filename.

GP2PSX10 is out now so I replaced the dates with "gp2psx09". I hope you're not angry, but otherwise things would get really messy Satan Claus 04:35, 7 December 2005 (GMT)

I think it'd be a good idea to leave different entries on the same game, tested with different versions. For example, if game 'X' runs in the last version better than in any earlier version, then all previous entries can be overwritten. But if it runs worse, although there's already a "Better/Worse" column, we should keep the entry of the latest version released and the entry of the version where it works better. I've already seen several lists that work that way. Segata 20:06, 16 December 2005 (GMT)


I would think it was a good idea to have a column showing what type of compression was used for the game, or if it's in uncompressed BIN-format.

- I would like to remove this column as it dosnt realy add any value, the space would be better used for a fps column. <vimacs>

Well Done.

Just tried gp2psx last night with FF7. Totally not playable at 2fps, but Damn good job with this sucker. I was not only astonished that it worked as well as it did, but that it was so, so pretty (maybe it's just the gp, but either way). Just wanted to say damn good job on the emulator. 50 USD if you can get it to play FF7 at 30fps. Jarquet 22:06, January 27 2005 (EST)

Good job

Just tried having Lara runing in her mansion using 34a and had problems getting her trough a very well rendered doorway at 1 to 2 fps. Get the FPS up to around 20 for any 3D game and I'll throw in another 50 bucks for you. <Mmaier>

Removed reference to Chronos

I went to look at it and got the message that the video had been removed by the user, so I removed the reference and tidied things up to make sure the article still flowed nicely. Hope thats ok. Inksmithy 01:27, 14 November 2006 (PST)

Low Graphics Game To Try?

Hi, it looks like the project is progressing quickly. I was just thinking that an older PS1 game that you might try that has fairly simple graphics is Twisted Metal the original. Just a suggestion. :) <firefly2442>

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