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GP2PSX Screenshots
Download(s) (v0.2.0 test 1, released 12-29-07)
Developer(s) ZodTTD / ZodTTD, Unai, Tinnus, Hilde
Version v0.2.0 test 1
Status Improving, some games close to fullspeed
Webpage ZodTTD's Homebrew
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 Controls (Ingame)
Button Action
Button joystick.gif PSX Digital pad
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Fully Compatible

PSX4GP2X is the first PSX emulator for the GP2X. GP2PSX has a file menu for choosing games, HLE, save states, sound support and full controls. Compatability is high, with the speed games run at increasing with each release.

Major progress was made in December 2007. New test releases are now available. Discussion of the new version is going on at this thread on the GP32x forums. Many games now run much closer to full speed.


How to use PSX4GP2X

What you'll need:

  1. Games - Games will need to be ripped in a raw image format (.iso, .bin/.cue, or .img format with Alcohol 120% or CloneCD). PSX4GP2X is also able to load .bin's that have been compressed by PocketISO 2.0 into either .Z or .ZNX format.
  2. BIOS - You will need your scph1001.bin PSX BIOS (other versions renamed to schp1001.bin should also work)to run GP2PSX currently *UNLESS* HLE emulation is used (read below).
  3. Memory cards - For saving games. These come included with this emu.
  4. Put all these files in a folder on your SD card. The BIOS and memory cards (.mcr files) must be in the same directory as the emu. The games can be anywhere.
  5. After running, use the X button to select the game. Hold down either L or R while pressing X to enable HLE emulation for possibly better compatibility and speed.
  6. Raise and lower PSX CLOCK and PSX CYCLE to achieve a better frame rate. Settings PSX CYCLE to 1.1 and PSX CLOCK to 25% is a good start. PSX CLOCK at 20% and PSX Cycle at 4 or 6 also works well.


New In 0.36

  • In the menu:
Choose Game
Left Trigger + B
Choose the game in SAVE SLOT 1
Right Trigger + B
Choose the game in SAVE SLOT 2
  • In game:
Vol -
Toggle on/off Framecount reporting.
Vol +
Not used right now (has a crappy frameskipping code in it's place). Will be used for an autoframeskip in the future.
Push Stick In + SELECT
Save state to Slot 1
Push Stick In + START
Save state to Slot 2

New In Beta 4

Push Stick In + Vol +/-
Change VSyncRate

New in v0.1.2

Right Trigger + Vol +/-
Left Trigger + Vol +/-
Final Fantasy VII Runs Near Fullspeed, very playable

New in v0.2.0

PSX CYCLE set to 1.1 by default
Frameskip turned off by default


Videos running on v0.2.0 test 1 (latest version as of 1-3-08)

  • Dead or Alive here
  • Gunners Heaven/Rapid Reload here
  • TurnAbout here


  • My game is stuck at the "Loading BIOS" screen

Solution: Your iso must be ripped to a raw image format. Other people have recommended ripping with MagicISO, but that doesn't work all the time. Try ripping with Alcohol 120% or CloneCD to a .bin/.cue, .iso, or .img/.ccd/.sub format.

Game Compatibility

For game compatability, check the Emulator Compatibility - PlayStation page.

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