Talk:Getting started with GP2X development


Target Audience

I think we should decide what our target audience for the getting started document is. people with prior C/C++ experience, who just want to get a quick guide of what's needed to get something running on the gp2x and how. or people with no prior C/C++ experience, who expect a C/C++ tutorial as well. i'd prefer the first. (no_skill)

  • this is not the place to teach people C++. Embedded devices are usually not the place for that. User:Rektide
    • I second that (no_skill)
      • There way better places that teach C/C++, we should focus on audience with programming knowlegde in C/C++ but also in Fenix, pygame and stuff. We help people bringing their ideas to the GP2X (synkro)
        • Sounds like we want an target of a) knows how to program in some languages, b) comfortable with a command line, c) may have never used the GNU tool environment (many just use IDEs now), d) no specific embedded experience and certainly no SDL. Is there something specific that seems like this isn't the target audience addressed?
          • I'd say we target: a) knows how to program b) comfortable with the command line c) a bit comfortable with make / gcc d) does not know how to manually build gcc and doesn't want to know e) SDL knowledge or learning somewhere else- -no_skill 13:15, 26 January 2006 (PST)


What OS/kernel does this thing run? Its got an MMU... Is it actually running a real full-on linux 2.6? There's pretty good ARM support, IIRC...

  • It runs a flavour of Linux 2.4. -Andrew j w 11:24, 29 November 2005 (GMT)
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