This shit is going to rock the house.  


Right off the bat, I want to say, my biggest concern is SDIO support. Its the gateway to making this baby useful. Past that, the next big concern is startup/shutdown time and/or suspend modes. I'm thinking of using this as the a controller for a number of my automation systems & toys, &c, quick access is vital but 10 hours isnt enough time to leave it on.

My other concerns are screen brightness, battery life & optimization, USB Device mode.

Why I want

I'm horribly curious to see whats inside of this baby. I dont even know what its actually running, besides SDL, and I really must know.  ;) I cant wait to start plugging in peripherials. ATI RF Remote, USB sound card (24bit/96khz minimum for my Grado's, thanks much), a USB-PSX adapter for 2player, oohh its going to be so lusch.


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