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This page keeps history of information written on Firmware Upgrade to keep that page shorter (and more readable) for up to date information.


Older Firmwares released by GPH

FW: v4.0.0 (Only for F-200)

  • Menu skin change and add support to tactile screen.
  • Audio player can play audio when reading Ebook or image viewing.
  • No Samba support.
  • SDHC support.

FW: v3.0.0

  • Just some skin menu change. The "Utilities" menu has been remplaced by the "Help" menu icon to add acces to some video.
  • Boot time of the GP2x is more longer than 2.1.x firmware.

FW: v2.1.0 and v2.1.1

Bugfixes for the movie and music players - mono files sometimes playing at half speed, sound sometimes playing on the speakers instead of the headphones, and random crashes.
1) Eliminated flicking on MENU screen after booting a) The flicking occured in the process of changing CPU clock from 200MHz to 100MHz in order to save electricity. b) By removing the process of changing clock, flicking was eliminated.
2) Improved Movie Player a) Playback of 120FPS(24/30FPS variable frame compatible) video which is frequently used in DVD animation etc become possible. b) Solved the problem of asynchronized captions when continuous playback of video files posessing different FPS. c) In case of bookmarking, playback starting point shall be a few seconds earlier to the bookmarked point (formerly it was a little later) d) Eliminated freezing which rarely occurred during playback of large size file. According to our own test with AC adaptor, we made sure of 48 hours of repeated playback without stopping or freezing. e) Solved the problem of discontinued image when restarting playback after pause in case of playback of XVID file. f) In case of video image searching, the bar shall start from the current image. Formerly it started from bookmarkd point or the beginning. g) You can set brightness and contrast. Setting shall be done in the MENU of Setting LCD.
3) Improved Music player a) Solved the problem of stopping instead of playing next music in case of shuffle(random) playback when only one playable file exists in the folder. b) When file contains ID3(comment in case of OGG) information, you can choose whether to indicate or not according to ID3 TAG On/Off options. d) Repeating method was changed: When is not selected, all the files in the folder shall be played back in turn. When is selected, only the current music shall be repeated.
4) E-book reader a) Bookmarks were increased from existing 5 to 25 bookmarks. b) Extended the limit of file size to be read by revising limit of lines. Our own test showed that up to 4MB (170,000 lines) could be read. c) When moving pages with L, R buttons while pressing SELECT button, 1,000 lines shall be moved at a time so that you may easily reach the page you want to read.
5) Change of UI image format a) UI image format was changed for the sake of skin change function which is scheduled in the next firmware. Existing skins cannot be used in 2.1.0.
6) Addition of skin selector a) If you put skin files for exclusive use in GP2X into skin folder in NAND, you can select and implement at Skin Setting in Setting System.

FW: v2.0

Release around 28. April 2006

  • When watching movies, you can now select the CPU speed in order to save battery life. If your movie is encoded to a low resolution the batteries will last much longer.
  • LED lights up when the battery is low
  • You can now tweak the LCD settings via the utility menu.
  • Stereo mode is supported by default.
  • Fixed the sound inverting problem of Left and Right(when using head phone)
  • The Ebook utility is now much improved with bookmarks, fonts, background colors, true type support and line indication.
  • The explorer is also much improved with the ability to copy, delete and select multiple files.
  • The Movie player now allows you to resume playback of a previous file.

FW: v1.4.0

Movie player have the function to memorise the last time of your video played and can play them again at the same time. When you press Y button you can chose the CPU speed:

  • SAVE mode: CPU clock 100 MHz
  • NORMAL mode: CPU clock 166 MHz
  • FULL mode: CPU clock 200 MHz

LCD setting

E-Book reader when you press the A button you can choose the Font color, the background color and the Font. Fonts from your windows folder can be used, copy them to your SD card. Once selected B saves the settings and exits back to the E-book.

Explorer is an new function of this firmware. You can select files with the Select button, you will see a tick appear on them when they are selected. Use the Y button to cycle though the options of Move, Copy or Delete in the top left corner. To execute the function press A.

FW: v1.2.1

to be done Solve possible detection problem of TOSHIBA SD card or TOSHIBA OEM like Integra, Viking etc after upgrading of F/W version1.2.0.

FW: v1.2.0

to be done

FW: v1.x.x

Note: content copied from Firmware_Upgrade page - detailed sorting still required

Both of these archives contain two .zip files with the following md5 sums:

MD5 ( = ef60fc0cbf098ebafbebfa12d0b48b29
MD5 ( = aa065a76eb6d816771934f982adce96e

The first patch contains one file:

MD5 (gp2xkernel.img) = 12fd1682273fb64bec1a89f35da5fb0e

The second contains three files:

MD5 (EBookViewer) = a3ff89149e35c5497613398da8fe6964
MD5 (MusicPlayer) = d627e61e49aea8335a10a0864229fdc4
MD5 (patch20051117.gpu) = 9c3f2cc6fdf91fd99152f79101642ced

The second patch is applied by going into the Utilities menu, and selecting the patch20051117.gpu file.

Files with extension .gpu are NOT automatically executed on startup, and can only be executed through the Utilities menu.

On November 29, 2005, a third firmware update was released through the website:

[ Direct Download: ]

[ Instructions: ]

It is not necessary to use either of the first two firmware updates before using the 3rd firmware update. It is a rollup of all available fixes to date. Note especially that you must apply the GPU patch through the Utilities menu, or several of the multimedia applications will be broken after the firmware is updated.

Claimed fixes:

  1. We solved the problem of one white line showing on left side of LCD screen.
  2. We solved the problem of different brightness of left half and right half of LCD screen.
  3. We solved phenomena of color-spreading.
  4. History function is added to E-Book MENU so that the line read last time shall be memorized automatically. Even when the device is turned off and then rebooted, it memorizes the line read last time.
  5. We corrected volume adjustment to 10 levels.We corrected problem of pausing a little while adjusting volume.
  6. We solved SD card detection difficulty with some brand of SD card and improved compatibility. (EX: Toshiba etc). Once upgraded most SD cards of 1 Giga and under shall be detected.
  7. We improved the stability of SD card drive and corrected problem of frequent down when playing video files. (Big size video file(1.5 mega and up) may sometimes experience DOWN. We keep on upgrading.
  8. We corrected the problem that battery LED is turned on continuously when the battery electricity is not insufficient. So the battery LED will not be turned on. In the near future, we will make battery turned on when battery electricity is being depleted.
  9. We corrected the video player problem of returning to the beginning when pressed Pause and then pressed Play again.
  10. We corrected the problem of slowing down a little while adjusting EQ of MP3 player.

On December 23, 2005, a fourth firmware update was released through the website:

1. What is upgraded by the 4th firmware (version 1.1.0)

1) Support 2G SD card partially - Enabled GP2x to detect 2G SD card - Data in PC can be copied onto SD card mounted on GP2x

Note: This time, the firmware could not facillitate copying the data contained in SD card mounted on GP2x back onto the PC. This feature shall be facilitated soon.

2) Extended battery Life - 3 hour and 15 minutes of playing movie. (Test condition:Sanyo rechargeable battery 2500mA/bit rate 800Kb/earphone)

  • We will extend it up to 4 hours through firmware upgrade soon.

3) TV-out Utility (separate utility) - Facilitated transmission of video signals to TV. - Yet to facilitate transmission of MENU and games This feature shall be facilitated soon. - 5th firmware shall facilitate easy connection to TV via TV-out in setting menu. But in current version, TV-out function is facilitated by executing mplayer_TV in Utility after copying mplayer_TV.gpu on SD card

2. Other Patches 1) Changed font of caption

2) Relocation of caption, adjustment of caption length

3) Suport colored caption By usingtag out of smi caption file, output of caption in designated color shall be supported.

4) Solved the bug of small dark square remaining on right upper screen when closed MENU after calling.

5) Solved problem of overlapped images when calling MENU in the middle of skipping video images.

6) Added Pause function of video by pressing stick. If you press stick when playing video(without MENU screen), it pauses.

[ Direct Download: ]

[ Instructions: ]

Older Firmwares released by others

Typical sub table of contents is author/version.

WARNING! Custom type firmwares may require detailed knowledge. Use at your own risk!

GP2Mania Custom Kernel

Custom Build Kernel (based on FW v1.4.0)

Added Network Support

Download at the archive.


cramfs v0.0.4 beta (based on FW v1.4.0)

See first announce for detailed information.

Main features:

  • Very fast boot time - 15 seconds
  • Automatic menu respawn - recover from crashes
  • DaveC's LCD tweaker image
  • some integrated tools for developers
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