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External Keyboard Support

I would like to know if anyone has delved into the possibility of configuring the GP2X's OS to cater for an external keyboard etc to make it more feasible to use it like a PDA? Is this at all possible?

I know there is no touch screen etc but having the ability to use a few linux applications would provide us with even more features. Having the ability to write notes or create a presentation to output via the TV out would be a good thing...

Any discussion on this would be really appreciated.

General EXT Port Device Support?

If anyone has any opinions / ideas on general support of external devices (Keyboard, Hard Drive etc) via the EXT port and what changes to the OS would be required / supported please expand on the topic. I have not had a good look at the underlying OS yet and seen what might be capable so any feedback right now would be great! I previously suggested use of the USB port but this is not possible as it is setup as a slave only and can't host most peripherals, unless someone can prove otherwise...

Take a look at the USB_Host section [1] :)

- According to the MP2520F manual (the mmsp2 SoC) it has three USB-Host ports, and as the above link states, one of them are availble on the EXT, i haven't found mutch info on the other two.

sd card writer

Maybe we should mention that some notebooks already have sd card writers built in (i just found out that mine has).

Done - 77

about hardware extension for GP2X

There is an existing extension card for the GP2X : [2] (sorry, it's in french) Does anyone know something about it ? flynn

about hardware extension for GP2X

Yes there's an Box taht connect on the Ext port of the GP2x to have USB host and serial... but this is the Developper version, the user version will come out in october. With USB host you can have USB gamepad, keyboard, mouse support in software that can use it and already connecte USB harddrive to have more space for your GP2x software. Yod4z- 20/09/2006 18:51 GMT

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