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In-game screenshot
Download (not archive)
Original Developer Dune Legacy
Ported By Heavensdoor
Version 0.0.3a
Webpage Dune2X
Status alpha, not playable yet

Dune2X is a port of Dune Legacy to the GP2X. Dune Legacy is itself a clone of Dune 2, one of the first RTS games. Source available here (for cross-compiling with Open2X).


  1. Unpack the Dune2X package in a directory (usually in the SD card)
  2. Copy the original Dune 2 data directory in the main directory with the executable (PAK files must be extracted with an extractor)... see here
  3. Execute dune2x.gpe


  • GP2X Stick: controls the cursor
  • A: right click
  • B: left click
  • SELECT: Enter key
  • START: ESC key


  • Video... some bugs around to be fixed; too small for now
  • Sounds... they don't work for now
  • Music... no music, I hope in the future
  • Input controls... ok for now, need improvements
  • Data... it doesn't read the original PAK files, they must be extracted
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