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Developer Devilish games
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Status Released and playable

Astrochaos is a horizontal orientated shooter where the player has to destroy waves of asteroids. The first three waves stay quite still and so require just avoiding the occasional small rock that flies towards the players ship, but later levels involve a lot more movement.

The small asteroids that come towards the ship can not be shot and it is sometimes difficult to see them because of the players shots. At the start of the game the players ship has three super shots which can destroy a third of the asteroids on screen, so are best left until later use.

There is no high score saving, and all points are lost every time the ship is destroyed. There are infinite ships.


  • Copy the contents of the archive to anywhere on your SD card keeping the directory structure in tact.


  • Joystick - Left, right, up, down
  • Joystick Button -
  • A - Shoot
  • B - Super Shot
  • START - Select
  • SELECT - Quit


  • TV-Out is supported, but not optimised.
  • No high scores.
  • Sound is implemented.
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