Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster
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Ported By Pickle (Scott Smith)
Version 1.02
Status Released and Playable

 Controls in menu
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Movement.
Button select.gif Back / Quit .
Button start.gif Forward.
Button l.gif Select figher.
 Controls in game
Button Action
Button joystick.gif Movement.
Button a.gif Fire.
Button y.gif Fire special.
Button l.gif Choose weapon.
Button r.gif Choose special-weapon.
Button x.gif Display enemy stats.
Button select.gif Quit.
Button start.gif Pause.
Button voldown.gif Turn off music.

Alien Blaster is an vertical shoot'em up where you have to kill all the aliens. The game work perfectly with the GP2x at 200MHz with accelerated memory but you have to use another sofware to do overclock or change the memory config (CPU/LCD-Tweaker or gmenu2x).


  • many aliens to blast
  • a big bad boss
  • different weapons
  • special items
  • cooperative mode (2 players playing with second player on USB keyboard).
  • arcade mode with highscore


  1. Copy the contents of the "gp2x" folder anywhere you want. Copy the "files" folder contents into the same location that you put the gpe/exe's (AlienBlaster.gpe et AlienBlaster.bin). For thosewho use GMenu2X, you can copy the "gmenu2x" folder to have a shorcut and icon setup with an clock of 220 Mhz.
  2. Launch the game from the file "AlienBlaster.gpe"

Version History

  • v1.02 - 29/09/2007:
    • Fixed SW surfaces to be HW surfaces (major fps increase).
    • Fixed GP2X button press's to select heavy fighter.
    • Added GP2X diag directions.
    • Fixed GP2X highscore screen for arcade mode (name defaults to GP2X).
    • Added file for gmenu2x (clock at 220, fast mem = off, icon is set).
    • Removed hard coded commands for starting the GP2X bin and moved them to a script.
  • v1.01 - 08/09/2007:
    • First GP2X port
    • Added basic controls
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