25 things you can do with a GP2X

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The role of this page is to list more or less common ways of using the GP2X, in order to attract new users, or provide new ideas for existing ones. If the list gets too big it can be increased to "50 things...".

  1. Listen to music almost anywhere (while travelling, taking a bath, washing the dishes, working out, etc.).
  2. Listen to talk shows or podcasts downloaded from the Internet.
  3. Play thousands of games from dozens of different platforms, or custom homebrew designed specifically for the GP2X.
  4. Watch or listen to video or audio novels.
  5. View maps of your city or other foreign cities while visiting them.
  6. View driving or public transport routes.
  7. View photos you've just taken with a camera, without having to transfer them to a computer.
  8. Watch porn in the bathroom.
  9. Watch custom movies on your TV without needing a VCR or DVD player.
  10. Read electronic books or texts.
  11. Make a shopping list, then check it off in a store.
  12. Use it as a samba server, telnet server, or web server, wherever you are, with or without internet access.
  13. Display a presentation using TV Out through LCD projector in an office or for a client.
  14. Bring any files from home to office and vice versa, by using GP2X as USB Flash drive.
  15. Get access to calculators ranging from simple user made calculators to a TI92 using Gp2x-ti92.
  16. Create your own music tracks using the Piggy.
  17. Look up driving directions (Wireless USB Tutorial) anywhere there's an open wireless network.
  18. Use it as a portable wireless router (using an usb device).
  19. Build your own CNC / sawing / soldering / plotting controller with it.
  20. Learn how to program & develop games with others together, and play games that YOU program.
  21. Use the GP2X as a steering controller for a robot / toyplane / toyship.
  22. Attach a WiFi dongle and play browser-based online games
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