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This page is deprecated. It shows information that's no longer true or obsolete.

Reason: Release Status Unknown. Specs may have changed or device may have been dropped from product line.

The XGP Kids

The XGP Kids, also known as the GPKiDS, is really the poor man's Gamepark console. According to poorly translated reports, the thing could likely retail for something around $70, which is, admittedly, very intriguing. Things get a little more hairy after that. Looking at the specs, one might say, "Hey, this doesn't seem very powerful!" Well, compared to the other new Gamepark/GPH consoles, you're right. But compare it to the GP32--they're very similar

GPKiDS is not targeted to penetrate BIG, BLOCKBUSTER 3D games. The system was designed to target children and casual gamer demographic. According to the studies conducted by researching companies indicate that children and casual gamers refer simple and fun games instead of RPG type hard core games. Many simple, fun but addictive games are available in 220X176 resolutions and we are hoping to license or create the games our customers refer.


CPU: ARM 940T 140MHz


RAM: SDR 8MB + 2MB NOR Flash

Storage: SD Card

Display: 2.2 TFT-LCD 220x176 pixel(4:3) 65K colors

Interface: USB 1.1 (Full-Speed)

Input: Function Keys, Analog Joystick, Expand Keypad

Battery: AA Size Battery x 2 EA

Sound: 64Poly 44.1KHz, 16bit Stereo Sound

Screen Size

The 220x176 resolution screen has been a topic of debate among the users at gp32x.com. Many believe that it would greatly limit emulation capabilities to portable systems such at the Gameboy (Color).

As you can see, not all games will be too small to be playable
Doom Example Two
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