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uploaded pics .. how do i link them in the RAW / ports area ? hmm..any help please

like in this page but modifing the raw page ;) Yod4z

uploaded 2 new pics in squidge snes .. and made em available though something is wrong with my firefox?? screens jump over the "skins" area ..everything messed up .. please someone fix

the page Arati ST you have created already existe: Yod4z Mon 03/07/2006

Emulator Compatibility

Hi, Thanks for adding to the compatibility list - it is appreciated. However, in future, please could you use the correct formatting to save me work having to change it?

Incorrect formatting: Emulator Compatibility - FBAP - n Correct formatting: Emulator Compatibility - PlayStation - B

Thanks Orkie 15:19, 17 June 2007 (PDT)

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