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The custom build rule would be much better as an file that is linked to from this page, but I can't get it to upload as .rules isn't an approved file type. Anyone know how to change this? -Andrew j w 13:51, 29 November 2005 (GMT)

Andrew, you could zip it but it's better like this, if further tweaking is needed.
I've never used VS before, but that "Add any .txt file" thing is a bit ugly hack. Isn't there some way to not need a .txt?

Lines 3.6 ("If you need to add extra include paths or want to change some of the GCC compiler options, edit these in the General property page in the GCC Compiler category.") and 3.8 ("Fill in any additional library paths and libraries needed to build your project.") are rather ambiguous, which other libraries would you want to link to get a basic gp2x project up and running? - edited by -pete- 15:45 10 May 2007

I think there may be a problem with the custom link rule for the 940T. It links all object files using the * wildcard and if the object file which contains the entry point is not the first, the starting address of the entry point won't be zero as it needs to be. Specifically the entry point needs to be the first function defined in the first object file to be linked!

Will this work properly with the professional edition of visual studio?

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