Hey guys what's your opinion on putting up a section under the heading "Alternative SNES emus" that will give links to the other SNES emulators for the GP2X? That being said we could do that for the other emulators to allow some ease of search for the user. --Jansport 04:22, 11 May 2006 (PDT)

i am proud to announce that i have made the SNES page, errors and all =) -sephiroth111


SNESGP2x, do you think its possible to get non frame skip 100% full speed with sound? Ignore all special chips (DSP1, C1, etc) and focus on the main unit. something to consider is the *nix overhead, the emulator overhead, loading the rom into ram (assuming there is enough ram) and sound. now, iirc the SNES was 16mhz and the SPU was its own device. it seems totally plausable, but the screen on the gp2x can only refresh at 30fps (iirc) where NTSC SNES games run at 59.9/60FPS.

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