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Developer mATkEUpON
Version 0.2
Webpage [1]
Status Released and Playable

SmashGP2x is a N64 Super Smash Brothers "clone".

The author has managed to add some music, but the menu music makes the player seriously lag when it reaches the second part of the song. If it does, just start a game, and stop it. The music should then work normally, and the game at full speed again :).


To install it, now you can put smashgp2x.gpe and the smashgp2x folder anywhere on the sd card. Just make sure they both are in the same folder.


Joystick: control your character
Up / Select / A / Y: jump
X: simple move / take object / use object
B: super move
L: protection
R + A: catch someone (without object) / throw object (+ direction)
Start: pause
Start + Select: return to main menu
Vol+/-: Adjust the volume


  • 0.2
    • Added music, ported the mod player from Mr Mirko's sdk for Gp32.
    • The game can be located wherever you want on the sd card.
    • More stability (can load more characters, and shouldn't freeze any more).
    • Adjusted playability (less jumps with the d-pad).
    • Volume buttons now mapped... to volume :).
    • Sources now available (Gp32, Gp2x, PSP).
  • 0.1
    • Initial release.
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