Samba client


The Samba project allows other operating systems (other than Windows) to use the SMB protocol. This allows Linux machines to host or access Windows file shares.

For more info see: Samba main site.

Advantages of Samba on the GP2X

Adding a Samba client to your GP2X allows it to access files directly from your Windows shared folder. The main advantage of this is that you do not have to copy files to the GP2X every time you want to test something.


To use the Samba client on the GP2X, you must have at least Firmware 2.0 and have set up Ethernet over USB (See Windows instructions or Linux instructions) . You must also have enabled the Samba server on your PC and GP2X - on Windows this will be automatically enabled, and on Linux it is distribution-specific.

  • Download the Samba client for GP2X.
  • Using the samba client on your PC, unzip the archive to \\gp2x\gp2x using full paths.
  • Open a telnet session to the GP2X.
  • Enter the following command to tell the kernel we have a new module.
[root@gp2x root]$/sbin/insmod smbfs
Using /lib/modules/2.4.25/kernel/smbfs.o
  • Create a mount point on the GP2X. We use /mnt/dev, but you could replace dev with any name you want.
[root@gp2x root]$mkdir /mnt/dev
Tip : If you use /mnt/ext or a subdirectory as your mount point, you will be able to browse the Windows shared folder from the GP2X menu.
  • Mount the shared directory. Enter your password at the prompt, if you have one. In this example, we are connecting to a PC with the IP address and a shared directory called share. We will be mounting the shared directory to the mount point called dev.
[root@gp2x root]$smbmount // /mnt/dev

Now you should be able to see your Windows shared directory by using the mount point (in this example, /mnt/dev).

You may be able to use your PC's host name in the smbmount command, but if your PC has another Ethernet connection, the GP2X may get the wrong IP address. In this case, use the IP address of the Ethernet over USB connection and it will work fine.

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