Root on SD Card


GP2X: root on SD Card

After a bit of fiddling theoddbot has created a kernel that can use the 2nd partition of the SD card (formatted as ext2) as the root filesystem. This is a great way to mess around with the gp2x filesystem without fear of rendering your gp2x unbootable

Requires art103's u-boot.

  1. Create a 2nd partition on your SD card and format it as ext2.
  2. Mount the new partition on your host.
  3. Extract the image.tar.gz file into this new partition, removing the image/ part. so image/sbin becomes /sbin and so on
  4. Copy kernel.img to the 1st (vfat) partition of your SD card.

When you boot this kernel the root filesystem will be /dev/mmcsd/disc0/part2

ps. Don't take your SD card out :)

Download the files from here.

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