Project Henna

Project Henna
Developer Natty, Dorus, Dayel, Naloj and anybody who'd like to join ;) !
Version 0.0.1
Status in development

Adventure game for GP2X, inspired by Little Big Adventure 2 (Adeline Sofware). About emigration through the tour of the victims of policy, war... It'll try to provide an awakening without commiseration and to build something deeper than common games in a wiki sharing spirit. As a totally artistic try, Project Henna encourages a melting-pot of drawing, water-colors, paint and photography.

The source code of Henna is shared under the GNU Public License and the project is managed thanks to the GNA! servers : Henna GNA! group.

Technically, it'll associate an isometric tile engine with polygonal characters to keep it light enough to run on tiny ARM processors as the GP2X one (200 Mhz). The development has just begun but shows the start of the isometric engine, managing moves keys. It tries to use as less libraries as possible to keep it light and be easy to compile.

A screenshot at current development stage :

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