MPlayer is the video player provided by the GP2X's firmware for the purpose of facilitating media playback.



On the 5th of July 2006 GPH released (as required by the GPL) the source for their derivation of MPlayer.


GPH made some fairly major changes to mainstream MPlayer:

  • A threaded video playing core.
  • Use of the MMSP2's video decoding hardware.
  • The inclusion of the filebrowser (the blue selection screen you get when selecting video from the main screen) within the mplayer binary itself.
  • The controls toolbar.


Handily, GPH released the mplayer source in a non-compiling state. To get the released source to compile with the official GP2X SDK, use the compilation patch below. It's best to use the official SDK as it has all the required libraries (SDL_inifile, libmad, libivorbis etc) at the right version numbers. You probably can get it working with a homebrew toolchain, just don't expect it to work non-staticly.

To work, the mplayer binary needs to be on the NAND in /usr/gp2x as this is where all the required skin images are located.


File Description
mplayer-gp2x-compiling.diff Allows for compilation of the released source using the official SDK
mplayer-gp2x-cmdline-launch.diff Play the file given as the first command line argument instead of launching straight to the file selection menu.
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