I am looking for the data book for the MP2520F. I contacted MagicEye about purchasing a copy and even purchasing one of their evalutation boards but they blew me off because I am not a company. The reasoning is they are a small company with limited resources.

All the info I could find on this chip on the MagicEye web site does not describe the interfaces to the non-ARM subsystems on the chip. I am most interested in hardware hacking the PWM and adding external sensors for a balancing robot project.

Does anyone out there have detailed info on the MP2520F that could share it with this wiki? Hopefully there is not a nondisclosure clause to the databook.


MP2520F data manual

I have found the MP2520F data manual on the MagicEyes web site under the developer forums area. Access to the manual requires a member id that I can not get. Here is the url: The name of the file is: MP2505F_Manual_Eng_V1.0.pdf

There are other pdf documentation that I would like to look at as well but am limited for the same reason.


MP2520F on Google

If you search for "MP2505F_Manual_Eng_V1.0.pdf" you should be able to find it listed, I found it OK. - FarMcKon

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