Modification List


The Modifications List

The purpose of this list is to get in all the hardware modifications and the likes, instead of spending hours searching the forums.



User Modifications
Link Type Author Guide Difficulty Summary
D-Pad Joystick Loccy Yes Easy Available
D-Pad1 2 Joystick DaveC
Controller! Control Radek
SNES Controller Control Gavie
GPS Mod Misc Sprite
USB 1 USB Sprite
Movie Stand Stand Various
BoB Case BoB triton
NES D-Pad Joystick nik166
Googly Eyes Joystick Tommy
Thumb Breaker Joystick honolulu
PS2 A-gogo Joystick Multi
Jewelcase Screen Screen Azalin
8-Way D-Pad Joystick bacteria
More D-pad Joystick Epicenter
Stands, 2.0 Stands Various
Zebra! Paint ninjak
Crystallicious Joystick ManicResin
Speakerboxxx Speaker thelamer

Feel free to add!

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