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This page is for discussion on the 'style' of the content on the wiki. Eventually this page should be turned into a list of guidelines for writing Wiki articles, but for now it's probably best as a discussion so we can reach a concensus.

Please feel free to comment, but remember to sign your message to make it easy to follow the flow of the conversation. (You can do this by typing -~~~~)

Première ou Troisième personne?

  • Some pages (such as Building GCC4) are being written in the first person, as a series of 'I did this, I did that' statements. Given that most of these pages don't have a name attached I think that this reads very strangely, and it would be be much better if it were rewritten in a tutorial style. Clearly this doesn't apply to user's talk pages as it's obvious who they belong to.

Qualité de l'expression

  • While I don't want to bash people's command of the English language, especially if it's not their first language (and mine is certainly not perfect!) Earlier today I removed the line 'Hardware Questions is the eponymous page where you can help a brother out.' from a page. Phrases like that would really make me doubt the credibility of the information on the rest of the page... -Andrew j w 17:51, 1 December 2005 (GMT)
  • Yes you are right. Some people even seems to abuse the wiki as their personal blog or as website for their projects. I try to type a clean English even though I am no native speaker. - Synkro 18:36, 1 December 2005 (GMT)
  • I'm not against people using their talk pages to detail their current work, however I agree that pages such as How no skill set up a devkit and ported spout have no place on the wiki. I also am not against developers keeping a page on the wiki to show the current status of their project, I'm doing that for my GL2x page. The wiki isn't a blogging tool though so there is a line people shouldn't cross... -Andrew j w 11:07, 2 December 2005 (GMT)
  • Yeah, this page could be removed. I planned to add this as guideline to get started instead of the (imho, back then) bloated getting started page. However with the user guide we don't need this anylonger. One should check if there ain't some viable information before deleting.

A quoi sert le Wiki

  • I doubt the usefulness of pages such as Hardware Questions. I feel that questions like the ones on that page would be best asked on a forum, and the wiki used as a repository of information. If the page was turned into a list of frequently asked questions on the GP2X's hardware with answers then that would be much more useful. If the wiki becomes cluttered with unanswered questions then it'll become much harder to find the wealth of useful information that is already building up here. -Andrew j w 17:51, 1 December 2005 (GMT)
  • I see that the same way, a wiki is a place for answers not questions. Even so I think we should focus on development. Simple usage questions, long lists of software that 'may be' ported or 'may be' WIP is just plain ridicilous. There are many pages which are just there but refernceded from nowhere ... here is a lot to fix, but most people are not willing to discuss issues here for once ... *sigh* - Synkro 18:43, 1 December 2005 (GMT)
  • I see the wiki as being a bit more general than that. The wiki should hold plenty of information for developers, but I'm not against it also helping out users. I think a page per game/emulator is reasonable. I agree that the list of emulators is a bit silly, as is the list of compatible games for the NeoGeo emulator. I hope noone is planning on doing that for a SNES emulator... The work in progress page could be a useful page, but I'm not sure how accurate it is and unfortunately there a more pages that are just lists than there are pages with useful information which is definitely the wrong way round... -Andrew j w 11:07, 2 December 2005 (GMT)
  • Maybe you are right keep just as much as possible helpful information for everyone, but keeping those kind of lists up-to-date will be difficult maybe even impossible. A NeoGeo (or other emu) compatibility list is indeed silly. For systems like the SNES things will go mad. I propose to quit such activities. -Synkro 11:50, 2 December 2005 (GMT)
  • Such pages are helpful as long as the emulator is in a beta stage where only a few games run. (no_skill)
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