GP2X wifi tools, WIP

by ^Misato^

Official page


Sunday, 20 August 2006  
Puck has been donated with a dock station and because we love 
to "play" with this kind of stuff, while he was coding an usb 
joystick library, i've started with wifi stuff.

First of all you need the wireless tools, with i've compiled 
and tested (they work fine) and then each one needs his own chip 
driver for the usb wifi stick. 
Here i paste the README for gp2x wireless tools i've just made: 

* * * GPwireless-Tools by ^MiSaTo^ (08/08/06) * * *    

·What are GPwtools? They're a set of tools which allow you to 
connect and configure wireless networks 
·What do i need to make them work? Unzip it into SD card. To use 
it you'll need to launch them by telnet or a text terminal like 
xterm. Just type in the sd directory (/mnt/sd) ./program_name 
(For example: ./iwconfig) To make them work you need the dock-
station and an usb wireless adaptor, also you'll need to load 
the chip module of the usb adaptor. 
·What do each tool do? > 
:iwconfig : manipulate the basic wireless parameters 
:iwlist : allow to initiate scanning and list frequencies, bit-
rates, encryption keys... 
:iwspy : allow to get per node link quality 
:iwpriv : allow to manipulate the Wireless Extensions specific 
to a driver (private) 
:ifrename : allow to name interfaces based on various static 
·Official wireless tools page: 
·ATENTION: I've not tested propperly them as i haven't any usb 
wireless adaptor, but i test them without it and it seems working 

A quick tutorial for installing wireless on the GP2X using the tools listed above.

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