GP2X Package Manager


GP2X Package Manager is a small program which sits on your SD card and can be used to install packages for your favorite programs with no user intervention.

Currently, you can only install individual packages - *.deb or (in later versions) *.gpi files, however future versions will hopefully include a more sophisticated GUI for removal of packages and an online download system, like apt. Upgrading existing packages and dependency handling are supported.

Installation and Instructions

Installing the package manager is as simple as copying the 'installer' directory included in the zip file to the root of your SD card.

To run the package manager, run 'installer.gpe' from the 'Games' menu and select the package you wish to install from the menu. The screen will go black for a while (this will be made more exciting in the future) then you'll be dropped back to the main menu and your installation will be complete (assuming there were no problems).

Note: If you want to run it under the utilities menu, simply rename 'installer.gpe' to 'installer.gpu'

Current features in the works are:

  • Automatic gmenu2x integration - creating an entry in gmenu2x for all newly installed programs.
  • Download from online repositories while the gp2x is connected to a computer.
  • Meta-packages that contain dependencies for a group of programs, allowing you to quickly install many games or applications quickly.

Building packages

You can use this script or make packages in the usual debian way - see this tutorial, or search on the internet for others, of which there are many.

Technical details

The program is basically a port of the stripped-down busybox version of dpkg, with a Selector interface. All of the most commonly used features are present, however.

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