A Gameboy
Developer(s) GNUBoy
Version v0.6 Beta
Status Released and Playable
Webpage [1]
GnuBoy2x is a Game Boy/Game Boy Color emulator based on GNUBoy, ported by K-Teto.

A video showing GNUBoy in action can be seen at YouTube.


Game Boy tech specs

The Game Boy is a portable 8-bit console that was created by Nintendo in 1988. It has power comparable to the NES, but is portable and battery powered. Game Boy can display 160x144 in 4 shades of gray and has only one given rhythm principal processor with 4.194304 MHz whereas the Game Boy Color uses a processor with 8 MHz and can post 56 colors on a pallet by counting 32,000 and remains compatible with legacy Game Boy titles.


  1. Download the latest version of GnuBoy2x
  2. Extract the archive anywhere on your SD card
  3. Copy your roms in the included roms directory.
  4. Run the Gnuboy binary.

Emulator Controls

 GP2X          GAMEBOY     Gnuboy
Select         Select        2
Start          Start         3
  X              A           1
  B              B           0
  Y             ---          4
  A             ---          5
Stick           ---          6
Quit the emulator.
Press stick button and L
Activate/deactivate framelimit ingame.
Press stick button and R
Choose between the various scaling modes or the normal mode with marquees.

You can change the button configuration by editing the executable (file GPU).


Saves within Game Boy games are not supported in the current release of GNUBoy, but save states are. To save your game progress you must:

  1. Press L and R together to get back to the ROM selector
  2. Press Y to get to the save states menu
  3. Select a save state slot and press A to save

To load a save sate you must:

  1. Start the game from the ROM selector
  2. Press L and R together to get back to the ROM selector
  3. Press Y to get to the save states menu
  4. Select a save state slot and press B to load


At the ROM selection screen press Select to get to the GNUBoy options. At the options screen, use joystick up and joystick down to select which option to change and joystick left and joystick right to choose settings. Options are:

  • Roms dir - to switch between the roms being located in sd/roms/gameboy or in a directory called roms in the same place as the GNUBoy launch file
  • Scaling - to select between fullscreen or unscaled
  • Color scheme - the GameBoy Color and Super GameBoy games had pre-defined color schemes for handling original non-colour GameBoy games but the are not supported in GNUBoy. Instead, you can use this option to choose a colour scheme for orginal GameBoy games. The schemes are: Brown, Green, Gray (sic) & High contrast
  • Sound - on or off
  • Volume - to set sound volume
  • Autoframeskip - on or off, to allow the emulator to skip animation frames to keep the emulation full speed
  • Vertical sync - on or off (on is slower)
  • Low power reminder - to set a reminder for when the batteries are running low

Options can be saved.

Version History

  • 0.6
    • Now roms can be at ./roms inside the emulator directory or at SD:/roms/gameboy, you can choose between these two.
    • Savestates with a screenshot added.
    • Added Scaled mode with aspect ratio.
    • Added tvout compatibility.
    • Added support for custom marquees for any rom or a default one for all (default.bmp).
    • Added options screen and saving options to sd.
    • Added controls to activate/deactivate frame limit from options or ingame(turbo mode).
    • Added 3 color schemes for gameboy mono plus the default one for gnuboy (one of them is a high contrast one).
    • Added battery charge control with warning when the battery power is low (led and onscreen warning).
    • Perfect sound thanks to total elimination of SDL and use of the minilib for sound.
    • Removed support for gnuboy configuration files (.rc) and command line arguments.
    • Lots of improvements and changes to adapt to the new features and lots of bugfixes.
  • 0.5
    • Added file selector with graphics designed by Madcore.
    • Better sound and added volume controls.
    • Added a marquee in unscaled mode.
    • Remaped controls to be more like gameboy using the 4 buttons of gp2x.
    • A LOT of fixes.
  • 0.4:
    • Major speed acceleration in the video code, and Gnuboy2x is the first public application to use the scaling hardware of GP2x :D (Thank you rlyeh for this).
    • Better sound.
    • Change in controls to adapt for the new functions.
    • Correction of a bug which the sound functioned after one had left the emulator and addition of sync with the function exit.
    • Other minor fixes.
  • 0.3:
    • The code of posting and controls use the bookshops minilib rlyeh, the sound still uses bookshops SDL.
    • The controls function at 100% with the diagonals.
    • No the control of volume currently.
    • Some corrective measures.
    • Compressed with gpecomp 0.2 of rlyeh.
  • 0.2:
    • Correction of controls and the sound, the diagonals do not function.
  • 0.1:
    • First attempt, the sound and controls do not function, direct direct port of gnuboy with the sdl.
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