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This page does not serve much purpose and will be replaced by the A-Z Emulator Compatability Page for Playstation. I believe it should be deleted.

I think jtg made this for a reason, so I'd better leave it for now. Orkie 08:14, 18 July 2007 (PDT)
Ok, yeah. Basically, there's no problem with this page going out of date - what it does is to include all of the individually-lettered pages into one page, so it always keeps itself updated :) Thanks for pointing this out, though, it's the sort of thing we need to look for. To be fair, I'm not completely sure that it's useful - the page was mainly created as an experiment to see if it would work - sort of a proof-of-concept, if you want. We'll see how it goes, though. -- Justthisguy 08:21, 18 July 2007 (PDT)
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