Emulator Compatibility - PlayStation - S

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Status Level: Description:
Untested Has not yet been tested.
Works Full speed, no noticeable problems.
Mostly Works Playable, but with noticeable glitches, or not playable because of speed, with no glitches.
Barely Works Glitches or speed make game unplayable, but it will boot.
Doesn't Work Will not boot, or crashes on boot.

Game Status Emulator/Version Comment Format OC VSync FPS
Silent Hill NTSC Barely Works PSX4GP2X v0.2.0 test 1 Boxes around character models, 2/3 speed .img 266 x 25-45
Silent Hill PAL Mostly Works PSX4GP2X Beta 5 Works good, little slowly .bin 266 x x
Speed Freaks Barely Works PSX4GP2X Beta 4 Game loads, and intro videos work (a little slowly). However when you reach the "press start to continue" screen, the game does not respond to any key presses and its not possible to go any further. .bin 250 x x
Spyro the Dragon Mostly Works PSX4GP2X 080207 Works, but slow. In-game menu might be missing graphics, not sure though. .bin 200  ? in-game 1-5
Star Ocean The Second Story NTSC Barely Works PSX4GP2X Beta 4 Game loads, but has graphic artifacts on opening video and freezes at start menu .iso 250 x x
Street Fighter Alpha III Mostly Works PSX4GP2X Beta 4 No visual Glitches. SFX works, music does not. .bin 250 Intro 10 /20, Menu 10 / 15 , Ingame 5 / 9 Intro 10 /20, Menu 10 / 15 , Ingame 5 / 9
Syphon Filter PAL Barely Works PSX4GP2X Beta 2 Crashed after 989 Studios intro logo .bin 250 X X
Syphon Filter 2 PAL Doesn't Work PSX4GP2X Beta 2 Crashed after load success. .bin 250 X X
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