Emulator Compatibility - FBAP - W

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Name: Status: Full Name: Parent: Year: Company: Hardware: Remarks:
wakuwak7 not tested Waku Waku 7 1996 Sunsoft Neo Geo
wof working Warriors of Fate (921002 World) 1992 Capcom CPS1 / QSound
wofu not tested Warriors of Fate (921031 USA) wof 1992 Capcom CPS1 / QSound
willowje not tested Willow (Japan, English) willow 1989 Capcom CPS1 Japan region, English language
willowj not tested Willow (Japan, Japanese) willow 1989 Capcom CPS1 Japan region, Japanese language
willow working Willow (USA) 1989 Capcom CPS1 US region
wjammers working Windjammers - flying disc game\Flying Power Disc 1994 Data East Corp Neo Geo
wonder3 not tested Wonder 3 (910520 Japan) 3wonders 1991 Capcom CPS1
wc90 not tested World Cup '90 (set 1) 1989 Tecmo Miscellaneous
wc90a not tested World Cup '90 (set 2) wc90 1989 Tecmo Miscellaneous
wc90t not tested World Cup '90 (trackball) wc90 1989 Tecmo Miscellaneous
wh1 working World Heroes (set 1) 1992 Alpha Denshi C Neo Geo
wh1h not tested World Heroes (set 2) wh1 1992 Alpha Denshi C Neo Geo AES version
wh2 working World Heroes 2 1993 ADK Neo Geo
wh2j not tested World Heroes 2 Jet 1994 ADK / SNK Neo Geo
whp not tested World Heroes Perfect 1995 ADK / SNK Neo Geo
  • not tested due unsupported rom size
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