Here you are, on my GP2X Wiki user page ! Seriously, I'm really wondering what you're doing here, but as you've made your way to my page, so I'm gonna feed you with some little things about me :)

So I'm a 22 years old French GP2X user, and, if I'm not too lazy, I'll try to help the community by completing the Wiki (I'm kind of a lame programmer, so I definitely think this is the best way. The very few programs I've coded are so far from being masterpieces !!!).

My favourite GP2X programs are :

  • GnGeo2x (I'm a great fan of arcade games, even though I've barely played on cabinets when I was younger)
  • CPS2emu
  • MAME
  • PicoDrive (my first game system, remembers me so much)
  • Reword (I definitely love this stuff, I dunno why)
  • TileMatch

The things I love are :

  • My close friends and my family (yeah, kind of fatuous, I know)
  • Mathematics
  • English (better than French, hum... maybe)
  • Playing guitar (I'm just a rookie, and for sure I'm never gonna be Jimmy Hendrix)
  • Good rock music (bad one is so well-spread)
  • Reading
  • Scrooge McDuck (he is my hero !!!)
  • Lengendary movies (Citizen Kane as one of my favourite), Star Wars included !
  • Playing badminton
  • A lot of other things I'm forgetting. May they forgive me for this...
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