Fr:Circuit électronique du BoB


EXT Port Connection:
Bob ext.png
Warning: according to this thread, the JTAG pinout is wrong.

The JTAG pinout is correct. Several people have made JTAG adapters successfully using that pinout. I (Robster) have a JTAG adapter that works on an early First Edition GP2X and also a Mk2 GP2X. It's possible that GPH have altered the pinout for other versions, but pretty unlikely.

Note: on Mk2 GP2X, the nRESET line function has changed, and it no longer resets the GP2X.

VUSB Boost from 3.3v to 5v:
Bob vusb.png

USB Filtering:
Bob usb filter.png

S-Video to Composite:
Bob video.png

RS232 Level Shifting:
Bob rs232.png

Bob jtag.png

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