When I installed and ran this, it immediately rebooted my machine. From coLinux's wiki, this solved my problem

coLinux 0.6.1 and XP SP2

... If you want to use 0.6.1 with XP SP2 disable DEP/NX and PAE, by adding the switches /noexecute=AlwaysOff /NOPAE to your boot.ini BEFORE you install coLinux 0.6.1.


Data Execution Protection

The /PAE is not needed to correct the BSOD. We are currently working on resolving the issue. Please see Known Issues on the wiki page for more information.


Startup Suggestions:

From memiks: Think do an "apt-get update && apt-get distupgrade" to make dependences link.

From David Solomon: The above command will update the Linux side of andLinux with the most recent applications placed on Debian's Unstable branch and could break your system. We base andLinux on Debian's Unstable branch to provide us with the latest applications. We also andLinux to be stable fore release.

It is recommended to do the above only if you know what you are doing. Otherwise, new versions of andLinux will provide updates.

andLinux Screenshots

a) Here an example on a XP Sylver Style desktop:

The same in full resolution: [1]

b) Here another example on Windows XP Vista Style:

The same in full resolution: [2]

For those 2 screenshots have added some Xfce apps that IMHO should not be missing (and are lightweight anyway and a better Xfce Style. I hope you'll like it


Do you like this one? AndLinux-logo-proposal.gif

It's ok, but there is nothing distinguishing about it. --Yono 11:22, 26 November 2006 (PST)
Agreed. I am not an artist at all. :Still, at this point... it is all we have.  ;-)

Do you still need a logo? Or do you use the logo on the article page, the x-ray tux?

I just had some free time, so i made some images with gimp:Tux1 Tux2 Tux3

Laszlo Lebrun: since and Linux is now xubuntu based, we could make a "family-like" logo, something like:

Imho, whereas possible we should use "&linux" instead of "andLinux" the symbol "&" having a high recognition value. OK?

The "toboggan" theme

I had used &Linux the whole evening, trying all those neat Linux apps working seamlessly on my Windows desktop...

That subsequent night I dreamt of:

Here's the associated media theme!

-) I hope you will like it! Please give me some comments.

Laszlo Lebrun

Error in startup

After testing on two computers, they both get this at the coLinux console.

(xfce4-panel:1421):Gtk-Warning **:cannot open display

-- The WinTap driver uses the IP pf and the netmask of Another network driver (vmware) may be conflicting or your ethernet IP subnet may also be set to the same. -LordDavon

When I run startup.bat it seems to stop here:

colinux-net-daemon: enabling TAP...

conet-slirp-daemon: slirp redir 139:139 failed

conet-slirp-daemon: running

and nothing seems to happen. Any ideas? - Haz

Brushup for the next release

I like very much the concept of delivering only a Xfce panel, an installer, some basic tools and Firefox. (Quite a lot of people just want to see how their website displays on Linux...)

However the Xfce panel could have been made a bit more attractive:

  • the panel should begin with the "XFCE menu", which gives something like the "start" button of XP.
  • the "settings manager" should be present from the beginning, together with XFCE4-Artwork and some appealing theme like Xfce-4.2 in order to give the distribution a decent styling. Cosmetics matters. (my wife would agree to that).
  • Thunar (together with the archive plugin) should not be missing (this has already been agreed upon)
  • Mousepad should be the default editor instead of EMACS.
  • Xming should be secured
  • The login should be user with no "root" rights by default.

The default side of Firefox could have been a welcome page, explaining the benefits of the new software and giving step by step instructions, on how to customise it to individual needs. I am willing to provide that page.

Just a kind of detail: "andServer Colinux" should be renamed to "andClient Colinux": the server being XMing.

Regards Laszlo.

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