Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari

Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari
Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari screenshot
Download (archive)
Original Developer Pixel's pages
Ported By Simon Parzer
Version 1.04
Status Released and Playable

 Controls in game (can be edited in the gp2x_buttons.txt file)
Button Action
Button joystickhoriz.gif Move the player.
Button a.gif Jump.
Button x.gif Shoot.
Button start.gif Inventory.
Button select.gif Map.
Button l.gif Previous weapon.
Button r.gif Next weapon.
Button start.gif Pause menu.
 Controls in menu
Button Action
Button r.gif Reset game.
Button b.gif Return to game.
Button start.gif + Button select.gif Quit game.

Cave Story ~ Doukutsu Monogatari is an action/adventure/platformer game.



  1. Download and extract the archive on your SD.
  2. Launch the game with "doukutsu.gpe".


  • You can use your save file (Profile.dat file) in all the Game port (PSP, PC, GP2x).

Version history

  • v1.04 - 05/09/2007:
    • Fixed the "Rest Area" bug
  • v1.03 - 24/08/2007:
    • Use CramFS file system for the data files. Less space required on the SD.
    • Change the pause screen with the gp2x buttons.
  • v1.02 - 17/08/2007:
    • Fixed a small graphical glitch sometimes occuring in boss battles (Example: "flashing" Ironhead)
    • Removed additional tick for the "Organya Suspend Timer" (this is a really small change)
    • Properly credited Aeon Genesis for their English translation
  • v1.01 - 16/08/2007:
    • Workaround for graphical glitches in the HW accelerated build
    • Dropped software build (not needed anymore)
  • v1.0 - 11/08/2007:
    • First version.

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