Useful MMSP2 Hardware Registers


The MMSP2 Data Book with a full explanation of hardware registers is available from Docs and Papers.

Use this page to summarize and explain any commonly used registers.

Display Bit Depth

See db.pdf 371

MLC_STL_CNTL 0xC000 28DA r/w

bits 10:9 0=4bpp, 1=8bpp, 2=16bpp, 3=24bpp

bits 8:1 'region' control

Display Horizontal Width

See db.pdf p375

MLC_STL_HW 0xC000 290C r/w

bits 14:0 Horizontal width of display surface in bytes

8 Bit Palette Table Control

See db.pdf p394

MLC_STL_PALLT_A 0xC000 2958 r/w bits 15:0 Address interface of palette table

MLC_STL_PALLT_D 0xC000 295A r/w bits 15:0 Data interface of palette table

See Setting the 8 bit palette from Linux for details of how to use these registers.

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