Unbricking a GP2X using JTAG

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Excerpt taken from geocities.com/joshuabissot

You will need :

  • A JTAG/EXT adapter, breakout box or cradle, and a power supply unit.
  • A db 25 pin 'straight through' cable - like an old printer cable, but make sure that all the pins are included.
Note:You can get one from Staples for ~$9
  • Your replacement firmware, from gp2x.co.kr or the archive. It is recommended to start with FWv2.0.0 and then to upgrade to a 2.*.* version of your choice.


  1. Copy the firmware to the root of a sd card and insert the card into the gp2x.
  2. Hook the JTAG up to your db25 cable. Power on the gp2x and insert it quickly into the cradle.
  3. Execute the 'run me' bat file.
  4. After about 2 minutes the software should report as complete. Remove the unit from the cradle, power it down, and take a 3 minute break, leaving the unit powered down.
  5. After 3 minutes have passed re-power on the unit with start and select depressed and you should see the firmware updating screen.
  6. When everything is finished you will see the default menu screen.
  7. Now turn off your gp2x and remove the SD card, reboot the unit and you should have a working gp2x.
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